Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week's Update

The Start of the Season...
We beat a good Weber State team on the road Friday. We did not play great
but we did play hard and kept Weber to a low shooting percentage. It was
such a fun game to start out the season. The 'Spectrum on Wheels' was in
full-force as we had a huge showing. The atmosphere was awesome and we were
able to come out with the win.

This Week...
This week we will be on the road Tuesday through Saturday as we have games
at Utah on Wednesday and at Northeastern University on Saturday. We
appreciate the treatment we get on the road.

Insight Into Aggie Game Day...
For all of you who wonder what we do when we are on the road for games, here
is a typical game day for us.

We wake up around 8:30 or 9:00 on game days. We then usually have a
breakfast buffet in the hotel we are staying at. After we are done eating
breakfast, we go straight to get taped for our shoot around at the arena. We
then have a conference room in the hotel where we watch about a half hour of
film on the opposing team. After we are done watching film we board the bus
and go to our shoot around. The shoot around usually lasts a little over an
hour. We do a lot of shooting drills and we do a lot of playing defense
against the scout team. The scout team does a great job of running the
opposing teams plays. During shoot around is when we fill out the ticket
list for people we want to come to the game. After shoot around we go back
to the hotel. We usually have time to take a shower and relax for an hour or
so before we have our pre-game meal. Pre-game meal is usually around 2:30 or
3:00. After we stuff ourselves full of food, we have a few hours before we
have to get dressed and ready to go to the arena. Most players will take a
short nap and relax before we get ready to go. We then leave and arrive at
the arena usually an hour before game time. After we play and hopefully win,
we then board the bus. A lot of times we will have food on the bus after the
game. Coach Beckert is in charge of keeping us fed on road trips and we
appreciate him a ton!!

-Tyler Newbold


  1. Tyler I really like this blog. It's cool to know what all goes on behind the scenes. Good luck this week!

  2. Thanks for keeping this blog. For those of us who love and are addicted to Aggie Basketball, it's wonderful to get a player's perspective. Best of luck against the Utes!!

  3. good job being the glue to our team. Check out an article that says a lot about you at

    I hope you like it.

    Good luck this week and see you in SLC.

  4. Thanks for the insight Tyler, love reading this stuff!!! Go get those Pukes!!

  5. Nice blog, Tyler. Very interesting to hear what it's like on the road. Keep up the good work, and we'll see you in Salt Lake on Wednesday!

  6. Love the Blog! Great win at Weber! Let's do it again Wednesday! BEAT the UTES! Awesome details of the road trips!

  7. Thanks for the insight - keep it coming!


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