Monday, November 2, 2009

First game vs. Northwest Nazarene

We played Northwest Nazarene on Friday and it was fun! It was awesome to play somebody else because it gets old beating each other up in practice everyday. We shot well on offense but we still have a lot of work to do with the timing and execution of our plays. Defensively, we have plenty to work on. We must rebound a lot better and not get beat off the dribble on the perimeter as much.

We play our first three real games on the road and we must be better in those areas if we want to win. With another week of practice coming up we surely will get a lot better in these areas! While we do have a lot to work on, there are many positives and we are getting better everyday! We were so excited to have over 8,000 people to our first exhibition game. The support we get is incredible!!

-Tyler Newbold

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  1. Thanks Tyler, I LOVE this blog! I'll be cheering for you guys here in North Carolina! Hope you can hear me :)