Thursday, February 17, 2011

Broken Backboards and BracketBusters

Since the last time I wrote a lot has happened. We had a tough loss at Idaho where we were outplayed and struggled to score the basketball. The Fresno State game was a great game to get the bad taste of a loss out of our mouth. We are disappointed in the loss to Idaho but we have learned from it and are moving on. It’s always exciting to take a break from conference play. We played Montana-Western in a game last night. We shot the ball great which is nice to see. Hopefully we can take our hot shooting last night on the road to Saint Mary’s this weekend. Tai Wesley broke the backboard during half-time warm-ups last night. That was something I have never seen before. Tai felt bad at first, but everyone thought it was pretty incredible that he shattered the backboard. I was not as impressed once the second backboard shattered while it was being worked on (Ha Ha). I will never forget pulling out the practice side basket to play the rest of the game with. It was an odd experience to say the least. With that game behind us we now put our full focus on Saint Mary’s. We are so excited to go play a BracketBuster game against a nationally ranked team on their court. We have a wonderful opportunity to show what we can do. I was excited to play Saint Mary’s again this year because they have beat us twice in the last two years. We begin our preparation for the game today. These types of games are what college basketball is about. The game is going to be intense. Hopefully we will perform well and have a chance to win.

-- Tyler Newbold

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  1. I remember the last game against st. MAry's I came all prepared and had thirty million posters about how we were going to kick their butts and they should just go home! But that didn't happen and sadly ogre and Shrimpy's team left with a win:( This time we sure will beat them! I hope, I'll be in San Diego that weekend so I'm not sure if we can watch the game! But i'll be looking for high lights that's for sure!