Friday, January 1, 2010

Tournament & Upcoming Challenges

The Gossner Tournament was a great success for our team as we have improved in a lot of areas. We were able to get all three wins and got positive contributions from everyone on the team. After the tournament we were all able to go home for Christmas which was very nice. We had to be back in Logan on December 27 for practice. The Christmas break always goes very quickly. We are all grateful for the little break we get to be with our family and friends.

We beat Western Oregon after getting back from the break and then we leave for Las Cruces to start WAC play against New Mexico State followed by a game at Louisiana Tech. Both of these games will be big tests for us. Both of these teams are very athletic and will be a challenge for us. We must play great defense and execute our offensive sets extremely well to have a chance to win. We are excited for the challenge of defending the WAC title and starting that on the road. We are also excited to play on ESPNU and hope that as many people as possible will watch us play!!

-Tyler Newbold

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