Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blue and White Scrimmage, Wednesday Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

We’re now 10 days into practice and it feels like we’re finally starting to make some real progress. The newcomers continue to do their best in absorbing all of the new information we have thrown at us each day. The playbook is really starting to grow as we prepare for our first exhibition game this Friday. It will be so nice to finally get to play against someone other than ourselves.  It’s tough to see how well our offense is really coming until you play against someone that doesn’t know all of the plays. Even though we’ve only had a few practices learning the offense, we’ve already found ways to cheat the plays defensively. This is one of the main reasons for exhibition games, to see where we are really at as a team on both ends of the floor."
                  Many people continue to ask how the team will be and want to know about each individual player. Well tomorrow you will have a chance to get to know the new squad at the annual Blue and White Scrimmage that starts at 7 pm in the Spectrum. We will play two 10 minute halves and then sign autographs and take pictures with any who would like to meet the guys. This is not only a great chance for the community to meet the team but also for the players to get to know some of those who support us all year. Take a few minutes tomorrow evening and come say hi, we’d love to get to meet the best fans in the country.

-- Brady Jardine

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Basketball Season Is Coming!

It seems like pre-season conditioning and workouts just started yet somehow they're already over. The past few weeks have gone really well for the Utah State men's basketball team. Weight-lifting sessions have made us stronger, early morning conditioning periods have helped us get in better shape, and individual workouts have allowed the team to start learning the basic principles of our offense and defense.

It's been kind of funny to watch some of the new guys in practice and see the looks on their faces as coaches explain the plays and defensive rules, etc. Their eyes get huge and you can tell they're thinking, "How in the heck am I supposed to remember all this?" I've been there and know exactly how they're feeling. Being the new guy in Coach Morrill's system is like drinking through a fire hose. Everyday new stuff is being added and it takes a 100% mental focus throughout the entire practice to give your self a chance to understand what’s going on. I didn't realize how many things have turned into second nature over the past three years until I watched a bunch of newcomers trying to figure out what in the world is going on. The new guys are working extremely hard though and have made a ton of progress in just the last few weeks.

Coaches have given us the next few days off to rest up and get ready to go on Friday. Our first official practice will be this Friday at 5pm and from there, it's off to the races. We have our first exhibition game in just over two weeks and our first official game (BYU at home) in less than a month! Excitement is starting to build throughout the program as the season leading into a new era of Aggie Basketball approaches. It's our goal as a team to keep the tradition going and win a fifth-straight WAC Championship!

-- Brady Jardine